The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.


Below are previous e-alerts, Press Releases and various articles which have appeared on the website. They are listed in chronological order with the most recent at the top of the list.

Secret Halal Meat Sale
Secret Halal Takeaway
Bill Bailey: as ignorant as he is cowardly
Gays are Just Fine: Trinity College Dublin
We are too soft on Islam
Peter Tatchell – What a Hypocrite!
The RC Sex Scandal - Abuse of Truth
Reaction to planned Koran burning proves point
Election Leaflet was 'Hate Crime'
Cardiff Mardi Gras - Time to Speak of Freedom
Child sex supporter speaks at Greenbelt
NICE Draft Guidance on SRE & Alcohol
Sex Offender leads Stonewall Campaign
Homosexuals Adulterating Marriage
Not NICE at all
No Christian Compassion from Dr Martin
Death Squad for Hire
The Westminster Declaration
IDAHO? An American State?
How your MP Voted
Islamic Park Looms over Welsh Valleys
Cameron 'hypocrite' over Church Schools
Classic FM drops 'Not the Messiah'
Classic FM Promoting 'Not the Messiah'
I Promise not to vote Tory, Labour, LibDem or BNP
Tories Boast about their Gay Candidates
Seven-year-olds Watch Cartoon Sex
Gordon Brown wants more Gay Laws
Cameron wants to open door to African Gays
Bankrupt Scammer Supports Thomas Switch
Peter Tatchell and the Paedophile Book
Gareth Thomas becomes Gay Activist
Council moves against proposed Megamosque
Equality Bill still rotten despite safeguard
Britain begins 2010 as a vassal state of the EU

'Support Uganda' call from Christian Group
Some are More Equal than Others
Copenhagen must fail says Christian Voice
Gay Activist Threatens us after Museum Witness
Museum and School Witness Causes Stir
Petition Launched to Protect Homeschoolers
Gay Lesson Head is Sex Offender
No Equality for Christians Despite Clause
British Museum Promotes Perversion
Gately Death 'A Warning' to Boyzone Fans
Barnardos Chief Wrong to Urge more Snatching
Malicious Rape Accuser Jailed
Christians stand by parents at Leytonstone School
Christian Voice to Support Parents at Kent School
Kent Police 'Undermining Families' in Gay Stunt
Army Chaplain's New Creed: 'We Don't Believe'
Now Care Trust Libels Suspended Nurse
Springer Opera Rears its Ugly Head Again
Social Services Prefer Gays to Grandparents
ASA Says 'No God' Bus Claim Can't be Proved
World AIDS Day sees UK HIV Rise
Christians Report 'No God' Bus Ad to ASA

ASA Outlaws Prediction and Opinion
Huge Christian Witness at Wales Assembly
Poetry Reading Breaks Assembly Rules
Homosexuals Rampage over Proposition 8
Knife Crime Battle can't Work
Welsh Lib Dems become the 'Insult Jesus' Party
Blasphemous Poetry Reading Cancelled
CPS Wrecks Baltic Centre Case
Obama: 'Put not your Trust in Princes'
Infertility will rise with Compulsory Sex Ed
Scouts Accused of 'Grooming' Children
Bendy-bus to take Dawkins Message off-road
Cannibal Chef should face Death Penalty
Lloyd Webber buries Superstar in Eurovision
Betterware Burnt by Vodoo Candle
Violent Crime: Sowing and Reaping
CV Meetings in Northern Ireland
Lift up thy Voice like a Trumpet
London Zoo 'Gay Sunday'
Cardiff Mardi Gras Squelches to a Halt
The Families in your Churches may not be safe
Charles Speaks for the Poor on GM Crops
Nanny State Turns Nasty
Totalitarian Britain
Two Homosexuals just can't be 'One Flesh'
South Wales Echo Apologies for Jesus Insult
'Overwhelming Evidence' Alone Should Convict Murderers
Christian Witness at Brighton Pride
Christian Group in Death Penalty Call
Cameron Slammed for Sharia Joke
Christians Protest over Jesus Slur
BBC go for Pound of Flesh over Springer Costs
Politicians 'Clueless' about Knife Crime
Christian Voice Director Faces Bankruptcy
The First Woman Dies - and for what?
School Sex Clinics Betray Young
Muslim Police Defied in Gospel Outreach
Muslims to be offered therapy rather than prison
Muslim No-Go Area 'will be challenged'
Negotiating with Al-Qaeda is ‘Lunacy’
Whitehouse Programme Destroys Hugh Greene
Shallow Dispatches Doesn't Get It
Atheists to Blaspheme - In Private!
Superindendent Wrong to Blame Parents
Free Speech Clause Exposes Atheist Hypocrisy
Christian Voice Killed my Musical - Stewart Lee
Lloyd Webber Could Face Evangelists Over Superstar
Lap Dancing Clubs Exploit Loophole
Chief Rabbi is Killing Civility
Succession Rules ‘Sexist’ say Libdem MP
‘Jesus’ Porn Film could be Licensed
Rivers of Blood - 70 Years On
Princes' Stag Night Binge Drink Disgrace
Support for 'Paedophile' row JP
Met becomes private security force for Olympic Torch
No-fault divorce at root of family 'meltdown'
Christians witness against Redhill Muslim march
Blasphemy law abolition 'will bring judgment'
Lords let BBC off the hook
Lords decision imminent in Jerry Springer case
Blasphemy: Atheist arguments examined and ambitions exposed
Blasphemy: Bishop says all churches must get involved
Top Jewish lawyer supports Christian Voice over statue
Disestablishment Motion has Mark of the Beast!
Art Collector Urged to Destroy Blasphemous Statue
Blasphemy Law 'maintains respect for the sacred'
Blasphemous Statue on show in Gateshead

High Court Springer Verdict will be Appealed
Piercing the Vaccination Hype
Pro-Vaccine Charity Challenged
Cervical Cancer Charity has Glaxo Link
Witness Success at Pro-Abortion Conference
Government's Vadera takes sides on abortion
Daffy Dawkins fails to blaspheme Holy Spirit
MegaMosque Prayer next Saturday
Bloody Bible Ad reprinted in Humanist rag
Zoo 'Gay Sunday' Condemned
Cardiff Mardi Gras 2007 - Report
Police receive writ on eve of Mardi Gras
Atheist ignorance in Skanda Vale slaughter
Orthodox Jews 'blessed by God'
Pipex reinstates Christian Voice Website
Brighton Pride Witness Touches a Nerve
Police Group Links to Christian Voice Website
Labour figures' bizarre link to paedophile groups
Gay Pride March 2007
Conservatives Promise Diwali Bank Holiday
Condoms on TV won't stop Teen Sex Crisis
Peter Tatchell in Moscow: The west can't complain
Christian Wins Wikipedia War Over Gay Police Lies
Bus Drivers Strike Against Gay Adverts
Hindu Bull puts Assembly on Horns of a Dilemma
High Court Allows 'Springer' Challenge
TES Reveals Shocking Intolerance
Blood Toucheth Blood
'Sneering' Jeffery John 'not a fellow Christian'
'Irresponsible' Navy puts mother at risk
Dudley mosque refused planning permission
MSP receives award named after paedophile
Damien Hirst 'Ignorant of Christianity'
Sex led to death, Court told
Summons Refused in Springer Case
BMA Warns of Gambling Epidemic
Butler-Sloss Patronising and Arrogant
Council Axes Christian Prayers
Sexual Orientation Regulations Vote
Jerry Springer - Blasphemy Case Begins
School Gay Promos will be Opposed
Archers Gay Wedding 'A Big Turn-Off'

Police spent £2,000 on Gay Rights Party
Prayer scuppers Pakistan
'Disgusting' homosexual event 'says it all'
CV drove Gay Police Association mad
Hate incidents turn to farce
Christians in strengthen marriage call
Death Penalty call after convictions
BNP says CV 'daft'
The British National Party

Civil Partnerships ‘an affront’ says CV
Religious Hatred Bill Trashed
Press Release: Child Sex Worker should be sacked
Press Release: Purity comes to New Orleans
Press Release: Police in China Protest Climbdown
Press Release: Blair 'Divorced from Reality'
Press Release: Witness against Gay Pride Day
Press Release: Police bow to Chinese Embassy
Press Release: China Human Rights Abuse
E-Alert: Bedside Bible Ban
E-Alert: Road Pricing 'Big Brother'
The Queen's Speech
The Queen's Speech (as it should be!)