The Shofar is the ancient trumpet which called the people of God to prayer, repentance, sacrifice and war.

Child Sacrifice

See also: Abortion
Gen 22:12 God stays Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac
Lev 18:21 shall not let seed pass through (fire) to Molech
Lev 20:02-05 individual & society implicated in human sacrifice
Deut 12:31b sons ..daughters ..burnt in the fire to their gods
Deut 18:10 not to make son or daughter pass through the fire
Deut 19:13 put away the guilt of innocent blood from Israel
Joshua 06:26 he shall lay the foundation in his firstborn ...
1 Kgs 16:34 Hiel the Bethelite fulfils Joshua's curse
2 Kgs 03:27 King of Moab sacrificed eldest son upon the wall
2 Kgs 16:03 Ahaz sacrificed his children
2 Kgs 17:17 Israel .. caused their sons and daughters to pass
2 Kgs 21:06 Manasseh .. made his son pass through the fire
2 Kgs 23:10 Josiah defiles Topheth in Hinnom
2 Chr 28:03 Ahaz of Judah burnt children
2 Chr 33:06 Manasseh .. caused his children to pass through
Psalm 106:37-39 sacrifice of sons & daughters
Jer 07:31 neither came it into my mind
Jer 19:04-05 filled with blood of innocents / burn their sons
Jer 22:03 To Judah: neither shed innocent blood in this place
Jer 22:17 to shed innocent blood & for oppression & violence
Jer 32:35 High places for sacrifice to Molech
Ezek 16:20-21 sacrificed sons and daughters
Ezek 20:26 they caused to pass through the fire
Ezek 23:37 caused their sons, whom they bare unto me, to pass
Ezek 23:39 when they had slain their children to their idols
Micah 6:07 shall I give the fruit of my body for (my) sin?